What’s in a profile? I always change mine…has to be perfect

I have been on a hiatus for over a year from writing.  I got married and had a new baby girl. My husband started a new business and during this last year I have also had a very rewarding career selling real estate in Kelowna, better than ever! Life has been busy, stressful, yet so fulfilling. We are all happy.

And so I am back to get myself straight and balanced again.  Writing and documenting helps me with that.

Today I got on the computer and realized how much I care about what my profile reads.  Do people actually read profiles of bloggers? Do people care how many kids you have or what kind of wine you like most? Whether you’re a foodie or fitness freak? What shows you like on TV or if you binge watch Netflix and stay up all night? Hmmm… I know I do! I want to know who is behind the words I read. I like to investigate. Do people have the time in their busy hectic lives to read blogs anymore let alone profiles? Do you?

I notice that some people are very open with their names and lives on their profiles – I am not sure that I am there yet.  I guess those who know me, know me, but my blog is world reaching isn’t it? Is it even possible for me to be an open book considering my career and privacy of my family life? I strive very hard to keep my personal life and work life separate to a degree.  I only let in what is appropriate and try not to over do it by “friending” all of my clients.  Is this the right thing to do or should I be an open book? I do work with people on a one-on-one basis and the business of real estate is one of relationships, trust, communication and guidance.  Do people need to know everything about me to trust me in the real estate world? It’s a fine line I think.  I think it is a hard balance to find.  This is a goal of mine: to find THE RIGHT balance between clients and family….is there one? So many questions and such a journey to find the right answer. This may take a while.

I rewrote my profile today to match what my life is looking like lately.  I am a wife now, a mother of two, not one, and still striving to be the best at LIFE.  I guess only a few details changed but man oh man do I care what is on that profile “About Me” page.  I could probably sit here and dissect it for hours to try and make it ‘perfect’. BUT WHAT IS PERFECT IN A PROFILE?? Is it even important?  I say it is but not to the degree in which I am obsessing over it.  I’m going to save you and leave you alone now profile page. Bye!

Always Ask – Being Married is Empowering and Beautiful!!

Always Ask

Yes you heard it right… Mommy M is now married to Daddy C!  It has been a hectic couple of weeks but the wedding jitters are all gone and the wedding stress has all gone away. All of the family who flew in have recently departed our home and Daddy C and I are slowly getting back into the swing of things.  Not only was the wedding a HUGE success, I am also the happiest bride/wife on the planet!

I could never imagine how empowering marriage could be until the day after my wedding day.  It was strange to feel such strength and adoration at the same time.  I want to try and explain this feeling because for all of those who do not believe in marriage – you are simply missing out on a huge, life changing moment. I never really thought much of marriage until it actually happened. I knew I always believed in marriage and that I only want to be married once and now that it has actually happened, I know why.

I guess the feelings I had after we said our I dos, was that of being proud, accomplishment, responsibility, and somewhat of an eternal love. It is so hard to say this to the world as everyone has their own opinion and belief, but I truly believe that if you have found the right person, the act of marriage can accelerate your life to something much more enlightening.

For someone who had not felt their true calling in life quite yet, I now feel closer to that calling than I ever have before. I understand my role as a mother and as a wife, but for some reason being a Mrs. has really pushed me to be better, make better decisions, and do more! Being a wife is a big responsibility and the more I think about it, the more empowered I feel, and the more I want to succeed.

I wish my feelings upon every woman in love… to be lucky enough to have found someone to share your life with is a true accomplishment on its own. I believe there is someone out there for every single human being and it is just a matter of time until you find that person. On that note however, I also believe some people are often too preoccupied with themselves to even take notice of those around them who care for them. It is as much our responsibility as it is the next persons – we need to be equal in our actions and our desires and the more we try at love, the better chance we have at true love.

I follow a simple rule in life and that is to always ask. Asking will give you an answer to whatever it is you want. Whether it be in business, or in love, what is the worst thing the other person can say? No? At least you asked.  You can learn so much and do so much more without wasting time if you just follow this one rule.

Daddy C asked me to be his wife. I said yes. Imagine if he didn’t – would I ever get to experience this type of feeling?

Day after day I am getting stronger, wiser, and more in love. Marriage is great and the vest thing ever as long as you know that you are 50% responsible for the rest if your life. If something goes wrong you are responsible to try and fix it, better yet do the right things and you hopefully wont have any problems to begin with.

Well, as I re read my post, it looks like my happiness really is showing. I just cant express my happiness and honour I feel. ♡  I wonder if any one else has felt this way from their marriage??

~ one love, my love. May 17, 2014

Flying with Toddlers – Part 2

Oh how fun this past weekend was…no seriously it was! Easter with the grandparents was awesome! Great company, the zoo, lots of fun with my sister, and an unfortunate 2 hour and 15 minute delayed fight on the way there with Baby N – 16 months going through his terrible 2’s early in life.

A 2 hour delay is not fun for a child, especially when it is around 6 pm.  The airline was kind enough to announce the delay in increments of 30-45 minutes,  If I had known it would have been two hours I would have went home and took a flight in the am. But no! First it said 6:00pm, then 6:30, then 7:20, and lastly the dreaded 7:45 – when we boarded.  Baby N and I didn’t arrive at our destination until just before 11:pm so nap time came around midnight.  The whole experience made me very aware of how prepared I really was.  My nerves about leaving last week only got me prepared for the worst, and prepared I was!

I have some advice to give to moms travelling with children under 2 because I have had to do it many times.  When Baby N was under 10 months old flying was much easier.  I would have a bottle ready for him on takeoff and landing so his ears wouldn’t pop and then he would fall asleep.  This way he never had problems with his ears.  If he wasn’t that hungry I would give him a pacifier so the sucking would also help with his ear popping.  Magically enough this worked for me very well.  When Baby N was older (12-16 months), he would stand on my lap and look behind me to the rows of people and giggle and play peek-a boo with them.  Sometimes I thank those who sit behind us in my head because Mommy M simply was not enough entertainment for the baby.

Another trick I have up my sleeve is waiting to get on the plane until last minute.  The airlines always give moms extra time to get on first but really thats just extra time to sit there on the plane with your child and wait….I don’t like to wait!!

Ok one more trick: Westjet has Plus seating so now when I travel I book a regular seat and once I get to the airport I upgrade to Plus for $15 and request a seat with no one in the row.  Seems as though people don’t like paying extra so on two occasions now Baby N and I have had an empty row – way to go Mommy M (patting myself on the back)!



Toddlers on Planes – Day 1

I feel it is appropriate to call this post “Day one” – well why not?  Not to be confused with Day one of the month, or Day one of an exercise program, or Day one of a new diet fad I am trying, or Day one of being married (that comes in about 30 days :P).  No, its just Day one – the day I decided to jot down a couple of things about my life.  I think writing about a few things will help me stay on track with my goals and family life while I work hard and try my best to make everything work out positively and happily.  I guess we will see.

I am T- 3 hours away from boarding a plane destined for Alberta with my 16 month old boy.  We call him Baby N. Baby N and Mommy M are off to visit some family for the Easter holidays.  I am definitely nervous about flying with him at this age as he really does have a mind of his own.  He is quite the little character and I am sure hes going to have a mini fit when we take off.  Now I could be wrong so let us all keep our fingers crossed.

I have flown with Baby N about 3 times and each time, as he got older, it got a bit scarier and a bit more stressful for me.  He is a very active little lad Baby N, and our flight is about 30 minutes before the witching hour for toddlers (for those who don’t know it’s usually between 6-730 pm).  Thank goodness our flight is only about 50 minutes!

My anticipation is making me sweat and my office just became HOT! (I am at work as I wait for Daddy C to bring Baby N to the office and take us to the airport – had to get a last day in before Easter.)  I am usually complaining about the freezing temperatures in here and usually have a heater going so somethings up!

I am dedicated to getting through the flight with no issues and no whining, crying, yelling, or screeching…by Baby N too.  I wonder what Day 2 is going to be all about?  OH BOY! get ready for a gooder.

REFLECTION: It feels nice sharing my thoughts and I hope I can continue to do this on a regular basis.  I ask myself if this can save my sanity and I just think it may… As a non-journal writing kind of person the technical aspect of blogging may just work for me.  In regards to the plane ride – I am confident it will go just fine.

Stay tuned for my next post – Toddlers on Planes 2 – Tips on Flying With Kids Under 2