Toddlers on Planes – Day 1

I feel it is appropriate to call this post “Day one” – well why not?  Not to be confused with Day one of the month, or Day one of an exercise program, or Day one of a new diet fad I am trying, or Day one of being married (that comes in about 30 days :P).  No, its just Day one – the day I decided to jot down a couple of things about my life.  I think writing about a few things will help me stay on track with my goals and family life while I work hard and try my best to make everything work out positively and happily.  I guess we will see.

I am T- 3 hours away from boarding a plane destined for Alberta with my 16 month old boy.  We call him Baby N as I prefer not to give out names.  Baby N and Mommy M are off to visit some family for the Easter holidays.  I am definitely nervous about flying with him at this age as he really does have a mind of his own.  He is quite the little character and I am sure hes going to have a mini fit when we take off.  Now I could be wrong so let us all keep our fingers crossed.

I have flown with Baby N about 3 times and each time, as he got older, it got a bit scarier and a bit more stressful for me.  He is a very active little lad Baby N, and our flight is about 30 minutes before the witching hour for toddlers (for those who don’t know it’s usually between 6-730 pm).  Thank goodness our flight is only about 50 minutes!

My anticipation is making me sweat and my office just became HOT! (I am at work as I wait for Daddy C to bring Baby N to the office and take us to the airport – had to get a last day in before Easter.)  I am usually complaining about the freezing temperatures in here and usually have a heater going so somethings up!

I am dedicated to getting through the flight with no issues and no whining, crying, yelling, or screeching…by Baby N too.  I wonder what Day 2 is going to be all about?  OH BOY! get ready for a gooder.

REFLECTION: It feels nice sharing my thoughts and I hope I can continue to do this on a regular basis.  I ask myself if this can save my sanity and I just think it may… As a non-journal writing kind of person the technical aspect of blogging may just work for me.  In regards to the plane ride – I am confident it will go just fine.

Stay tuned for my next post – Toddlers on Planes 2 – Tips on Flying With Kids Under 2